Margot Robbie is an Australian actor who was born in gold in Australia being the daughter of a physiotherapist known as Sarie Kessler. She has been known to have a great talent in acting because all the movies that she appeared in are great hits that have a very big fan base. She started acting in the homeland of Australia where she was involved in local movie and later joined the acting of soaps before relocating to the United States of America where she has appeared in a number of movies that has increase the number of fans that she has. She is known for the great audition that she did for the series of Charlie Angels that also acted as a major breakthrough to her fame in the industry.

Margot Robbie is a famous personality in the movie industry because of the various movies that she has acted. The movie “Wolf of Wall Street” is a major hit that made her to be famous in the industry; this is a romantic movie where she was the main actor alongside Leo DiCaprio whom she is also rumored to be dating though she said she had a strong principle never to date actors.

She has been associated with a number of scandals both in the movie industry and other areas of life. She was rumored to be the reason behind the divorce between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner; the divorce came as a result of Ben cheating on her wife with the movie star. After the divorce they were said to be dating which added more proof to the speculations that she could have been the main cause of the break up between the two couples. Though the movie “wolf of wall street” was full of romance, she was also said to be dating Leo in reality, though she did not accept the claims by saying that she had no plans of dating actors. Will smith has also been engaged in a scandal with the Hollywood actor after racy photos of them emerged and became the central point of talks in most social networks.

She has very sexy physical attributes that most people find very attractive in her. After the movie in which she acted as the wife to Leo, most people also see her to have a very romantic personality and this is the main reason as to why the movie was a hit. She has a medium size body that most people find sexy and this can be one of the reasons behind the scandals she has had with male film actors who are seen to be after her. Nude pictures of the actress that people have accessed so far are in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street where she is seen in various romance scenes with Leo. Margot Robbie is the current fastest growing movie star who is seen to be the next start who will conquer Hollywood. She is also a great model who has been used in the advertisement of various items mostly women attires and this has also increase the level of fame she has.

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